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Meet the Owner

Meet Michael (Mike) D’Aloia, entrepreneur and Tampa Bay investor for the last 28 years. Originally from New Jersey, Mike fell in love with the warm beaches and cool breeze off of Florida’s coast when he was vacationing with a friend back in high school. Whether he knew it at the time or not, Mike’s relationship with the Tampa Bay Area had only just begun when he chose to continue his education 45 minutes north of the city at St. Leo College in 1988.  

Mike has always had a knack for business, pinpointing needs or deficiencies, and finding his own ways to solve them. He started when he was just 12-years old, making businesses from candy, landscaping, and anything he saw an opportunity with. Mike carried his good eye for business into his adulthood as he began his career on Wall Street. He went from working as a retail stockbroker to working with small institutional hedge funds, and ultimately partnering with one of the oldest companies on the New York Stock Exchange running their sales and trading at the age of 29!

Community Involvement

RMS at Saint Leo University
Paul Kovar (Licensed REALTOR®) & Lloyd Dreibelbis (Broker, Director of Career Development)

While Mike has conducted business all over the world, he loves Tampa Bay! He’s always seen the potential of this beautiful area and the people within it. Mike has partnered with many entrepreneurs and helped them grow and expand their businesses to new heights. He’s also been heavily involved with his alma mater, creating internship opportunities with Saint Leo University’s College of BusinessHis ability to understand the needs of others has also developed into his involvement with Daystar Life Center, a local St. Pete organization that provides the impoverished and homeless with the things they would need to get back on their feet such as food, clothing, medicine, transportation, among many other services.

A Different Type of Property Management

Currently, Mike owns and operates a local St. Pete business called RMS Elite Properties. It originated as a rental company but has grown to include both brokerage and property management utilities, providing services for all real estate needs. When asked why he started RMS, just like all those years ago on the streets of his neighborhood, he saw a need that he could fill.

Through his own experience, he noticed that property managers were more concerned about their own paycheck than the prosperity of the investment they managed, often renting to unqualified tenants simply to quickly fill vacancies. Mike realized that he couldn’t be the only one facing this problem and saw the need for a property management company that abides by integrity and a strong moral compass–someone people could trust and rely on to do the right thing. 

RMS Elite Properties team opening day
Mike D'Aloia and RMS Team celebrating grand opening

RMS was created to do just that; to help both landlords and tenants find a mutually beneficial relationship through proper management services. After 13 years of business, RMS continues to grow because it operates with the same client focus that it started with. Mike would like to see RMS expand to more states as well, providing honest and quality real estate services to other communities that need it.

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