Leasing Services (Tenant Placement Only)

We Find Qualified Tenants
RMS knows leasing! As one of Tampa Bay’s leading property management companies, we’ve been leasing to qualified tenants since 2008.

Most landlords admit that finding a qualified tenant for their property is the most difficult part of owning a rental property; it requires constant marketing, answering phone calls at all hours of the day, and showing your property sometimes dozens of times before finding the right match. By the time a landlord finally fills the vacancy, there is often no room left for error.

RMS fields on average over 800 phone calls per month, and shows qualified tenants our rental properties on a daily basis. Our website generates significant traffic, while our MLS and syndicated listings yield phone calls 24/7. We are servicing your clients 7 days a week to guarantee that your property gets maximum exposure. Simply put, we make leasing your property smooth and straightforward.

As a licensed real estate brokerage, we proudly serve the needs of property owners and renters alike throughout the Tampa Bay region, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties. Our comprehensive services and dedication to high quality have awarded us the highest recognition in real estate management. With decades of collective knowledge and experience in the rental and investment property business, our staff can provide you the best in service.

RMS Offers Comprehensive Real Estate Brokerage Services

From start to finish, RMS makes it smooth and hassle-free in matching quality renters and property owners together. Simply put, RMS saves you time, money, and stress!

Consider all the services we offer:

  • Qualified Tenant Referrals: Choosing RMS saves property owners time, money, and stress by avoiding prolonged vacancy periods
  • Thorough Tenant Screenings: Verification of employment and income, criminal checks, predator screenings and credit checks are part of our routine assessment process.
  • Lease Assistance: Whether you choose your lease or use one of ours, we can assist you in finalizing the leasing of your property.
  • Repair and Maintenance Services: Through RMS Assurance Programs, you can enjoy continuous access to quality property repair and maintenance services.
  • Professional Office Settings: RMS lets you operate like the professional you are by having access to our offices for lease signings and tenant meetings.
  • Comprehensive Advertising Campaigns: RMS utilizes all of the area’s resources to generate qualified tenants for available properties.
  • Market Analysis Services: Choosing the correct price range for rent can mean the difference between a quick lease and a prolonged vacancy.

How Does RMS Differ from the Rest?
Rental Marketing Solutions doesn’t require a property owner to hand over the control of leasing your property to our company. Instead we seek qualified tenants and make tenant referrals to you for consideration. This leaves you in control in making the final decision about the lessee of your property. RMS wants to assist you in making the most of your investment property through being your real estate partner. With our vast array of services and intent to maintain your autonomy, RMS makes great sense.

RMS Saves You Money!

By choosing a leading real estate brokerage to handle your investment property needs, you will save tremendous time and money. To put up a simple three-line ad listing in the local newspaper can cost more than $70! Combine these costs with a prolonged vacancy, and you soon realize the benefits of matching your property with a qualified tenant as quickly as possible. With RMS Elite’s speedy turnaround time, we can often fill your correctly priced vacancy property in less than 4 weeks. For the cost of the first month’s rent, you can avoid the headaches of trying to lease your property alone. RMS is the best solution!

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