Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate

(407) 620-5053

I am a proud, born and raised Floridian. Over the years, I have spent time and traveled to the east, west, north, and south of this beautiful State. My experience and knowledge of the area has proven essential in my real estate career. Prior to real estate, my professional experience was in the architectural and engineering field. I worked for architectural, civil, and structural firms beginning in 2005, on the design end. So, I know what makes a structure, or house a home! My strong construction background translates into a true professional point of view as I work for you, to care for your needs as a buyer or as your listing agent. Although I did truly enjoy my work, I was normally stuck behind a desk, when I really wanted to be out interacting with people like you! As a ‘people-person’, the real estate industry has proven to be a perfect match for me. Helping people is truly my life’s passion, and I have volunteered much of my time to that. I have been loving working hard in real estate since 2012, and can’t wait to go to get to work for you! Your needs are my concern…call me anytime! Direct Cell (407) 620-5053.

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