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careers WHETHER YOU are an experienced Agent, or starting a new beginning in Real Estate, you will not find a better environment to grow than RMS Elite Properties!

Our Agents and our Staff are the best in the industry! Our sincere and focused commitment to our craft is evident, and second to none. Professionalism is the hallmark of RMS Elite Agents. We recognize that Real Estate is our business, our career, and our livelihood of choice; and that RMS is the very vehicle to build our wealth and goodwill by providing the most excellent service to our clients, customers, and friends. We create a partnership with our fellow agents, and we truly work together.


At RMS, we offer the most comprehensive, thorough and successful training program throughout the entire Real Estate industry. Our Director of Career Development, Lloyd Dreibelbis works as both a group trainer at each of our offices as well as a one-on-one MENTOR with every agent where the two of you can establish a solidified business plan with actionable steps to reach attainable goals. 

You may be asking yourself “Who is Lloyd and why should I trust him to help take my career to the next level?” Not only is Lloyd a terrific person but he has achieved quite a bit in his career that applies directly to training and mentor-ship. 
Lloyd is a certified broker in both Pennsylvania and Florida, he formerly owned his own Real Estate training and consulting business, he is GRI certified, he is a certified Real Estate Success Coach, a former member of the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS Education Advisory Board and Agency Task Force, a former Regional President of a major Berkshire Hathaway Company, and an instructor on five local Real Estate boards. 
Lloyd has trained with and under some of the industry’s training legends including Tom Ferry, Debbie DeGrote, Brian Buffini, Ed Escobar, and others (many of which he is still friendly with today). Normally, you would have to spend thousands of dollars to receive Lloyd’s training and one-on-one coaching. However, as an RMS agent his knowledge and expertise are available in house! 
This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for every single agent at RMS–it is unique to RMS and should be taken advantage of! 
I’ll help you answer the question–“What can you do today for tomorrow’s business?”
Lloyd Dreibelbis, Director of Career Development


We see that over 70% of Real Estate Agents are left out in the cold and dark. At RMS Elite Properties, we strive every day to assure that our Agents are mentored, motivated, led, encouraged, and shown the way to achieve their goals and to arrive at the place of Prosperity via example and accountability. At RMS, we realize and demonstrate how to be empowered to do more and make more money, and bring about good things in less time. Long term residual income is the best kind!


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